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We are a small, CFA-registered cattery located in Casey, Illinois. We breed high-quality, champion-bloodline Maine Coons who are known for their gentle dispositions and giant size. We show in CFA. We focus on maintaining the health and happiness of our beloved breed. All of our breeding cats have been tested for HCM, SMA, PK Deficeny. All test  N/N. We specialize in silver Maine Coons. Our Kittens are Sold as pets/show cats, we do not sell breeding rights. Our cats and kittens are raised in our home with our family.

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Maine Coon are known for their great personalities. 

Ours love to play and cuddle!

Life with Maine Coons


Our kittens are raised in our home surrounded by our family and loving pets.

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The best way to fall in love with a Maine Coon is to meet one! Come experience our cattery and see for yourself how we raise our Maine Coon kittens and cats!

Maine Coons Maine Coon Breeder

Casey, Illinois, United States


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