Our Queen: Jessica "Stormy"


Imported European Lines

This girl is an extraordinary black smoke. She is registered with the World Cat Federation and is cross-registered with CFA.
She is a black smoke, that is one of the more difficult colors to attain in Maine Coon cats.


Top-Quality Queen

Not only is she beautiful, but this girl has a matching personality. She is loving and sweet, laid back yet playful. 


Interested in one of her kittens?

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Our Queen: Ellie May of Majestic Luv


Ellie May is a CFA registered Maine Coon.

Ellie May is our future breeding Queen and is currently showing in CFA. 


Gorgeous silver tabby with white!

Ellie May has beautiful coloring and structure. We look forward to her development as she grows.


Interested in the future?

Please contact us regarding available kittens as Ellie May grows and eventually becomes a breeding queen. 

(Lexi) Yoko Pryanik of Majestic Luv


Lexi is a CFA registered Maine Coon.

A gorgeous, well-tempered queen who loves attention and to play!


Imported European Bloodlines

Our new addition from the Ukraine. She is a gorgeous black smoke with white.


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Our Queen Katie of Majestic Luv


Katie is a CFA registered Maine Coon and has nationally winning lines.

Katie is a gorgeous brown patch with white with lovely structure and lynx tips.


Loving Temperament

Katie has a phenomenal temper. She is super sweet and loves to play. She is also easy going and gets along well with our other girls!


Interested in Katie's Future?

Contact us for our upcoming plans with Katie!